embed regular outlook explorer view in own form?

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embed regular outlook explorer view in own form?
Ronald Bouras

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Joined: 2006-05-20
hi everybody,

i am using your (by the way: great) adx extensions for outlook.

what i want to do is show a data grid in the let´s say contact folder as top sub pane: no problem:
the bottom now would be the regular outlook business card view for contacts.

what i would like to do now, is: still show the grid as top pane in a SplitContainer with the bottom pane being a TabControl where ONLY ONE PAGE will contain the REGULAR business card view of outlook, but the other register pages representing other information out of my database.

in other words that would be:
can i use adx extensions to EMBED a regular outlook view into a custom windows form? and how would i do that?

hoping for good news and thanx in advance
have a great weekend

Posted 21 May, 2006 02:52:51 Top
Fedor Shihantsov


I do not understand what do you want.
May it be that you refer to Microsoft Office Outlook View Control?
Posted 22 May, 2006 10:59:01 Top
Ronald Bouras

Posts: 32
Joined: 2006-05-20
hi fedor,
well, indeed the outlook view control would be what i would use, if i hadn´t purchased YOUR product... ;-)

but i guess, placing the outlook view control into an outlook add-in developed with your outlook extensions, would be like building the steering wheel of a truck into a small car that is then carried by the truck...

what i want is:
keep outlook my main application.
have the regular outlook navigation pane on the left.
have a custom top pane to the right, showing for example a CONTACT
have another custom pane on the right bottom as a detail view of the contact, containing a tab control.
the pages of the tab control are for example "History", "Documents" and so on.
now one of these pages has to be "Dates", which of course must be coming from OUTLOOK again.

would you recommend doing this with an outlook view control?
if so, doesn´t that conflict with the "main" outlook window?
or is there any other way to realize something like that?

thanx for any help.

Posted 25 May, 2006 16:42:45 Top
Eugene Starostin


Hello Ronald,

Please note, the fact is the current version (in general, the current generation 1.x) of the ADX Extensions for Outlook adds (and will add) one sub-pane to one folder views. It is the limitation that we will overcome in the next generation of the ADX Extensions for Outlook. So, Fedor suggested the Outlook view control (sorry, now he is dreaming of ADX :-).

You can use the Outlook view control on WebViewPane provided by the ADX Extensions for Outlook. In this case you completely replace folder views with your own form, use Outlook's super grid in the Outlook view control and add controls you need to your form. There are some pitfalls, but as I see MS developers use the Outlook view controls in their examples on MSDN.

You can find complete information about the Outlook view control at:

Posted 25 May, 2006 17:34:03 Top