Activate and Deactivate events for Excel's main window

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Activate and Deactivate events for Excel's main window

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I am developing an add-in in Excel 2010. The add-in is required to execute some code when Excel's main window is activated/selected and when it is deactivated (such as in the case when another application is loaded whilst Excel is running and that newly loaded application has focus).

I am unable to find any event in Add-in express' ADXExcelAppEvents component that would allow me to write code to handle these events. There are the WindowActivate and WindowDeactivate events, but these are for the Workbook windows (MDI children of Excel's main window).

I am looking for some assistance with this issue please.

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Eugene Astafiev

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Hi Terence,

Unfortunately the Excel Object Model doesn't provide any property or event for this. To get assistance with host applications’ objects, their properties, and methods as well as help info, use the Object Browser. Go to the VBA environment (in the host application, choose menu Tools | Macro | Visual Basic Editor or just press {Alt+F11}), press {F2}, select the host application in the topmost combo and/or specify a search string in the search combo. Select a class /property /method and press {F1} to get the help topic that relates to the object.

As a workaround you can use some Windows API functions to check where the focus resides now.
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