Strongly named assembly Word add-in questions.

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Strongly named assembly Word add-in questions.
Strongly named assembly Word add-in. 
Wyatt Albiston


Is it possible to get the .dll without it being strongly named? My project has .dll's that for various reasons we are unable to strongly name. Please let me know if this is possible.

Posted 18 Apr, 2006 14:04:17 Top
Wyatt Albiston


Cant figure it out. Please help...

Days with no answer. Is my question just dumb or what? If so please tell me so I can move on :)
Posted 18 Apr, 2006 15:57:13 Top
Michael McMahon

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Hi Wyatt,

I don't think your question is clear enough. What do you mean by "Is it possible to get the .dll without it being strongly named?"

Are you trying to strong name your assembly by specifying the AssemblyKeyFileAttribute in the AssemblyInfo.vb file? Do you find that you can't do this because referenced types / dlls are not strong named?

If your question is "Can I still strong name my assembly without strong naming the referenced assemblies in the project?", then I think the answer is No unfortunately!

Posted 11 May, 2006 00:41:27 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Wyatt.

You can develop add-in without it being strongly named. You just need not to include C++ shim and .snk file in your add-in project.
Posted 11 May, 2006 08:32:15 Top