outlook 2003 et security manager 2010

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outlook 2003 et security manager 2010
CARRE Doriane

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I have recently purchased the Outlook Security Manager 2010.

with microsoft outlook 2010 the process "outlook.exe" is killed when quit my application.
with microsoft outlook 2003 the process "outlook.exe" is already running in windows task manager and not create a new Outlook instance.

my Code :

olxFolderSentMail est un entier
olxFolderSentMail = 5

SecurityManager est un objet OLE dynamique
SecurityManager = allouer un objet Automation "AddInExpress.OutlookSecurityManager"

myNamespace est un objet OLE dynamique
myFolder est un objet OLE dynamique
m_OutLook est un objet OLE dynamique
myItem est un objet OLE dynamique

m_OutLook=allouer un objet Automation "Outlook.Application"

myFolder = myNamespace>>Folders
myFolder = myNamespace>>GetDefaultFolder(olxFolderSentMail)

myItem =myFolder>>items[1]






libérer m_OutLook
libérer myItem
libérer myFolder
libérer myNamespace
libérer SecurityManager

Thanks for your help
Posted 16 Sep, 2011 03:41:13 Top
Renat Tlebaldziyeu


Hi CARRE Doriane,

I'm sorry, I wasn't able to reproduce the issue on my PC with Outlook 2003.
Could you please organize a remote session? Please send the required credentials to the support email address (see readme.txt) and make sure your e-mail contains a link to this topic.
Posted 16 Sep, 2011 05:23:57 Top