MAPIStoreAccessor .NET 4.0

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MAPIStoreAccessor .NET 4.0
Any news? 
Leonid K

Posts: 5
Joined: 2011-10-03
Hi Eugene,

could you please make a build for me as well - but i need the build against 3.5 .net
(i cant make a proper setup - plugin can be registered via VS but setup fails :( )

my email:

Thanks a lot!
Posted 04 Oct, 2011 04:28:46 Top
Leonid K

Posts: 5
Joined: 2011-10-03

already found the solution:

no need 3.5 version. thank you.

Posted 04 Oct, 2011 04:30:21 Top
Eugene Astafiev


Good news, Leonid!

Thank you for letting me know and good luck with your add-in project!
Posted 04 Oct, 2011 04:34:36 Top