OSM - Upgrading from secman.dll to secman64.dll

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OSM - Upgrading from secman.dll to secman64.dll
Greg Henson

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Dear Sir,

I currently employ secman.dll with Moyosoft's Java Outlook Connector and recently upgraded to your 2010 version of OSM. However, after installing the ActiveX version, I cannot find secman64.dll with which to run regedit32. Should I have downloaded and installed the .NET version? However, after downloading the .NET version and attempting an installation, the install wizzard requires Microsoft Visual Studio - which I do not employ for Java/Moyosoft. How do I access a copy of secman64.dll? And after mistakenly downloading and installing the ActiveX version, do I need to request a refund before I can install and register the .NET version? Thanks.

Greg Henson
Posted 22 Jul, 2011 11:58:34 Top
Renat Tlebaldziyeu


Hi Greg,

You can download the latest ActiveX Edition of Security Manager from the following page:
http://www.add-in-express.com/downloads/osm.php (please see the Security Manager 2010 for Microsoft Outlook, ActiveX Edition section)

Please uninstall your current version of Outlook Security Manager via Control Panel -> Programs and Features and run the installation again. Make sure that you run the correct setup.exe installation file for version 2010 (the latest build is 6.1.1029). Also, please note that you need to run the installation with administrative permissions.
After installing the latest version you can find both osmax64.ocx and secman64.dll in the “Redistributables” folder where Outlook Security Manager is installed on your PC and in the “[Common Files]\Outlook Security Manager” folder.
Posted 25 Jul, 2011 03:31:08 Top