Hidding Outlook folders.

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Hidding Outlook folders.
Hidding/showing outlook folders. 
Formicary Formicary

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Hi guys,

I'm sure there is already a question like this in the forum but since I cannot find it I re-post it.

I've got a list of outlook forlders that I need to hide/show based on User Options.

1) What is the best/easiest way to hide/show folders. As you can guess I'm new to Add-in x, so excuse my ignorance.

Many thanks.
Posted 24 Jan, 2011 11:27:51 Top
Eugene Astafiev


Hi Formicary,

Unfortunately the Outlook Object Model doesn't provide any method or property for a such task (to hide any folder). Anyway, you may be interested in the Display method of the Folder class in Outlook.

To get assistance with host applications’ objects, their properties, and methods as well as help info, use the Object Browser. Go to the VBA environment (in the host application, choose menu Tools | Macro | Visual Basic Editor or just press {Alt+F11}), press {F2}, select the host application in the topmost combo and/or specify a search string in the search combo. Select a class /property /method and press {F1} to get the help topic that relates to the object.
Posted 24 Jan, 2011 13:20:47 Top