MAPI Store Accessor incompatible Exchange System Management Tools

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MAPI Store Accessor incompatible Exchange System Management Tools
Jason Swager

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We've developed a ADX Outlook add-in that makes use of the MAPI Store Accessor. A customer installed the add-in on their machine and begin to encounter exceptions in MAPI Store Accessor. Here is some of the exception that was generated:

Application Domain: C:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\ViewMail for Outlook\
Assembly Codebase: file:///C:/Program Files/Cisco Systems/ViewMail for Outlook/AddinExpress.MAPI.DLL
Assembly Full Name: AddinExpress.MAPI, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=4416dd98f0861965
Assembly Version:
Assembly Build Date: 10/29/2010 3:02:46 PM

Exception Source: AddinExpress.MAPI
Exception Type: AddinExpress.MAPI.LogonException
Exception Message: The logon did not succeed, either because one or more of the parameters to MAPILogonEx were invalid or because there were too many sessions open already.
Exception Target Site: MAPIWrapper.Initialize
Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

We were able to add exception handlers to prevent the error from showing, but all of our MAPIStoreAccessor function calls aren't working.

Customer reported that they had also installed Exchange System Management Tools. This caused a MAPI32.DLL with a version of 6.5 to be installed. Their normal MAPI32.DLL was v1.x. Our guess is that Exchange System Management Tools and the MAPIStoreAccessor can't work together.

Any solutions or workarounds?
Posted 02 Nov, 2010 11:02:18 Top
Eugene Astafiev


Hi Jason,

May I get a sample add-in project which can reproduce the issue you described above? Please use the support e-mail address (see readme.txt for details).
Posted 02 Nov, 2010 11:26:19 Top