targeting .net 3.5 in ADX2010 for .net

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targeting .net 3.5 in ADX2010 for .net
targeting .net 3.5 
sumu kalshan

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I am currently on VS2010 with ADX2010 for .net

I am using a .net 2.0 precompiled 3rd party dll along with ADX for writing a Excel COM addin

Now, all the usual tricks for mixed mode assembly don't work because excel's config has to be changed for legacyv2runtime, which I am very hesitant to do
I think you suggest this as well using the Host Configuration Command

However I can get things to work by targeting the ADX com addin to .net 3.5. It compiles properly and seems to run well.
Do you advise against doing this or is it ok to do this? Will it cause any problems in advanced features?

Thanks in advance
Posted 21 Sep, 2010 14:24:14 Top
Eugene Astafiev


Hi Sumu,

Please see my answer in another forum thread.
Posted 22 Sep, 2010 13:18:20 Top