Missing AddinExpress.MSO.2005.dll

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Missing AddinExpress.MSO.2005.dll
Unable to locate AddinExpress.MSO.2005.dll anywhere 
David Holland

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Joined: 2010-06-04
I am working with MAPI Store Accessor and can't find AddinExpress.MSO.2005.dll. Most example projects reference this DLL but, after downloading nearly every installer on this site, I can't seem find it anywhere.

Where does one find AddinExpress.MSO.2005.dll?
Posted 04 Jun, 2010 15:22:28 Top
Eugene Astafiev


Hi David,

It seems you opened an add-in project. To compile that sample add-in you need to have Add-in Express for Office and .Net installed on the PC. AddinExpress.MSO.2005.dll will be installed with that product.
Posted 08 Jun, 2010 08:27:20 Top