Setting the “To” field on a post item

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Setting the “To” field on a post item

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I have a custom class that is derived from Post called: "IPM.Post.CustomType" I have these items in the inbox and I'm trying to set the to field to show recipients. I've tried setting the following properties with no success. Any ideas? Or if I'm using a post item, will the to field always display as empty in Outlook?

OutlookItem.PropertyAccessor.SetProperty("urn:schemas:httpmail:displayto", "blah");

var aixStoreAccessor = new AddinExpress.MAPI.ADXMAPIStoreAccessor();
var aixItem = aixStoreAccessor.GetMapiItem(OutlookItem);
aixItem.SetProperty(AddinExpress.MAPI.ADXMAPIPropertyTag._PR_DISPLAY_TO, "1");
aixItem.SetProperty(AddinExpress.MAPI.ADXMAPIPropertyTag._PR_DISPLAY_TO_A, "2");
aixItem.SetProperty(AddinExpress.MAPI.ADXMAPIPropertyTag._PR_DISPLAY_TO_W, "3");
aixItem.SetProperty(AddinExpress.MAPI.ADXMAPIPropertyTag._PR_ORIGINAL_DISPLAY_TO, "4");
aixItem.SetProperty(AddinExpress.MAPI.ADXMAPIPropertyTag._PR_ORIGINAL_DISPLAY_TO_A, "5");
aixItem.SetProperty(AddinExpress.MAPI.ADXMAPIPropertyTag._PR_ORIGINAL_DISPLAY_TO_W, "6");
aixItem.SetProperty(0x00008536, "7"); // PidLidNonSendableTo
aixItem.SetProperty(AddinExpress.MAPI.ADXMAPIPropertyTag._PR_RECEIVED_BY_NAME, "8");
aixItem.SetProperty(AddinExpress.MAPI.ADXMAPIPropertyTag._PR_RECEIVED_BY_NAME_A, "9");
aixItem.SetProperty(AddinExpress.MAPI.ADXMAPIPropertyTag._PR_RECEIVED_BY_NAME_W, "10");
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Andrei Smolin

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Hi Matt,

I've called the code line below in VBA:
anItem.PropertyAccessor.SetProperty "urn:schemas:httpmail:displayto", "blah"

It produces "The property "urn:schemas:httpmail:displayto" does not support this operation."

I assume, it's impossible to modify that property. I suggest using Outlook Spy in order to find properties that can be modified.

Regards from Belarus (GMT+2),

Andrei Smolin
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