Security warnings are not shown in Outlook2007SP2

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Security warnings are not shown in Outlook2007SP2
I can't test the security manager 
Steve Smith

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I've developped an Outlook add-in using Add-in-express, and I'd like to test it against Outlook security.

My problem is that Outlook2007SP2 on my computer (under Vista) doesn't display any security prompts at all.

I've installed the security manager before testing Outlook security, and no matter how hard I try (installing and uninstalling secman, trying to enable all warnings using it, etc.) the security prompts won't display.

Here is what the Check procedure says for osmObjectModel, osmCDO, osmSimpleMAPI in order:
osmOk, osmCDONotFound, osmUnkownOlVersion

I don't know if I screwed something up myself, or some other Outlook add-ins (NOD32, iTunes, Acrobat) are disabling the security prompt. But it is really annoying as I can't test my app now.

Do you guys have any experience on what might be causing such an issue?

Thanks a ton!
Posted 05 Apr, 2010 11:57:15 Top
Andrei Smolin

Add-in Express team

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Hello Steve,

Please see Code Security Changes in Outlook 2007.

Regards from Belarus (GMT+2),

Andrei Smolin
Add-in Express Team Leader
Posted 05 Apr, 2010 12:58:20 Top