WiX Error: Undefined preprocessor variable

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WiX Error: Undefined preprocessor variable
Tobias Martinssson

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Like the previous gentleman, I am receiving this error:

Error 1 Undefined preprocessor variable '$(var.PRODUCTNAME.Resources_1.TargetDir)'. D:\TFS\PRODUCTNAME\Main\Src\PRODUCTNAME\PRODUCTNAME Installer\obj\Debug\Harvested Output\_PRODUCTNAME.Resources_1.wxs 7 1 PRODUCTNAME Installer_wix

It's a fairly large WinForms-solution containing of 26 projects and I am not at liberty to send any code over as it's all proprietary. The Resources, however, is the least complicated part as it contains only of resource-files and a class with a property for each resource-entry, to enable IntelliSense when coding.

Best Regards.
Posted 24 Apr, 2013 12:24:10 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Tobias,

I have just sent you a solution by e-mail.
Posted 25 Apr, 2013 06:32:48 Top