Explorer bar animation

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Explorer bar animation
Animate explorer bar as a toast which slides up and down 
Madhu Chinthakunta

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I have a IE add on project with a toolbar and a horizontal explorer bar. When IE is launched and the toolbar is enabled, I want the explorer bar to be enabled but out of view (height=0 or visible=false). When a button on the toolbar is clicked, I want to animate the horizontal bar so that is slides up. I was hoping to achieve this by changing the height inside a timer tick. I am having trouble with this:

1) In my project, IEModule and toolbar and explorer-bar are marked as enabled and Loadonstartup=true. In the OnLoad and OnConnect for the explorer bar, I tried to set height=0 or visible=false. However, the bar is visible when I start IE. why is this?

2) When a button on toolbar is selected, I can set explorer bar visible = false, and it goes away. When I set visible=true, it comes back as expected. Instead of visible, I tried changing the height from 0 to 30. This did not work. (I have a image and labels in the explorer bar that have a non-zero height).

Are there better ways to do this? Suggestions, code samples would be helpful.

Posted 24 Jun, 2011 00:49:57 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Madhu,

Unfortunately IE doesn't provide such a functionality for its extensions. To show/hide an explorer bar you can use the ShowBrowserBar method of the IE object model.
Posted 24 Jun, 2011 05:24:24 Top