Window installer setup query for Addin Express IE 2010

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Window installer setup query for Addin Express IE 2010
Window installer setup configuration for Addin Express IE 2010 

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I am using Add-in Express 2010 for Internet Explorer
I need to develop a SETUP (Windows Installer) for my ADDIN Project and my requirements are as follow:
A) It should support WINDOWS XP, VISTA and 7.
B) Internet explorer 7 and above.
C) Target machine may be UAC enabled or not.
D) My code (in C# with VS 2008 in WIN XP) should support all my user related action.

Can I achieve all my requirements (as stated above) in a single setup or need different setup for different machines?
Please guide me to make a WINDOWS installer setup (or any better suggestions) and related steps.

Posted 03 Jun, 2010 06:27:31 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Yash.

Please right click on the project in the Solution window and choose the ’Create Setup Project’ option.
Add-in Express will create a new setup project for you.
Posted 03 Jun, 2010 06:55:53 Top