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Add-in-Express 2010
John Ellison

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in a newsletter email i have received (in 1 april 2009) this features:

Besides all the features for version 2009 announced earlier, version 2010 offers:
New features
Support for VisiCalc 1.x and higher, WordStar 1.x and higher, OpenOffice, ClosedOffice and VeryClosedOffice
Support for IE 9 1/2, FireFox 5 7/8
Isolation from all Office bugs, Windows quirks, developer's hands and their troubles
Support for remote debugging, deratization and decockroaching with a special bonus for bug fixing dichlorvos
Support for satellites: Add-in Express 2010 launches its own satellite and allows injecting the developer's code into any other Earth orbiting satellite, whether it be a NASA or Iridium one

Versione 2010 Support firefox??
thank you
Posted 05 Jan, 2010 02:20:26 Top
Eugene Astafiev


Helo John,

Nope. It was a joke. Have you ever seen Firefox 5 7/8?
Posted 05 Jan, 2010 07:32:37 Top