How to block specific IE elements to show

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How to block specific IE elements to show
Eugene Astafiev


Hi Hua Shi,

The Document Object Model doesn't provide any method or property for implementing the required functionality. Instead, you can use the HttpRequest and HttpResponse classes for handling images (removing them at the early stage).
Posted 07 May, 2012 10:02:48 Top
hua shi

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I get it, thank you.
maybe I have to use some other add on, like IEPro to block urls.
Posted 07 May, 2012 20:19:07 Top
Eugene Astafiev


You are welcome, Hua Shi!

P.S. We will try to research this and, if it is possible, implement this feature in the next major public release of Add-in Express.
Posted 08 May, 2012 04:27:58 Top