I need some magic, please help.

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I need some magic, please help.
Gürcan YÜCEL


Im using D7 Ent, on W98 and MS Office 2000 and Add-in express V2.0.

I had a customer and want something from me. I dont know how can I explain,
here is the scenario;

Person A(lest say secretary) will prepare a word document. Will type some
text on it.
Person B(Lets say Boss) will mark the words. For example word "test"
miswritten. The boss will mark it red, and will enter the true text in a
box. There must be a counter that shows the words that will change.
Then boss will send the document back. Person A cant change anything on
document except Person B settings. Person A clicks the highligted word, see
the correct typing and correct it.(Counter decreases the count). When Person
A finishes the document, counter will be zero, will send the document to
Person A.

Is it possible to do this in MS Word? Is it possible to do something like
annotation in word? How can I control it? Any idea?

Please help.


if you can,
please send the answer also with eMail. gyucel@g-gsoft.com

Posted 21 Sep, 2004 10:19:20 Top
Eugene Starostin

ADX Team
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"Tools | Track Changes" will be better for you.
Posted 21 Sep, 2004 11:07:22 Top
Gürcan YÜCEL


Hi Eugene,
I suggest that option, but In this scenerio Person A can change document totally. I had to do it automation, but how? Any idea?
Posted 21 Sep, 2004 12:40:53 Top


Hi Gurcan,

No ideas. Look at the DocumentChange event. May be it will help you.
Posted 22 Sep, 2004 07:34:06 Top


Aha... You are unlikely to be able to do something more effective than TrackChanges :-)
Posted 22 Sep, 2004 07:34:54 Top
Gürcan YÜCEL


Because of my customer, Its not possible to use track changing. I did some work. I think I solved the problem.

Thanks for all answers.
Posted 24 Sep, 2004 08:58:43 Top