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Debug Outlook Add-in
Need to debug the Opening of a MSG file. 

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I have a third party application that captures the emails and stores them to a folder as MSG files.
You can tell this app to open the MSG.
When the user does this, My Add-in Faults.
How can I debug this in Delphi?
If I set the parameters in Delphi to be the MSG file it does not work.

I do not want to start Outlook.
I wish to open MSG file without first starting Outlook.

It is hard to explain!

I wish to have Delphi start the MSG file and then that would load Outlook and then I could catch the exception and debug it.

Any suggestions?
Posted 09 Apr, 2015 19:14:44 Top

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For anyone else...
I had another dev on my team tell me to put a Showmessage in the adxCOMAddInModuleAddInInitialize.
I did a Build in Delphi.
Then I did NOT hit run in Delphi.
Instead I double clicked on the MSG file.
Outlook would display the Showmessage dialog.
I then took Delphi and attached to Outlook.
I then set a break point after the Showmessage.
Then I could hit F9 and continue and it would hit my break and I could step and debug it.
Posted 09 Apr, 2015 19:33:51 Top
Andrei Smolin

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Thank you Gregory!

Regards from Belarus (GMT+3),

Andrei Smolin
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