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Hi for all,

we created an add-in that performs upload from the active document (in MS Word) every time that the user save it. Normally it works fine, but there are two users reporting that suddenly their MSWord change the current document name to something like "Auto-recovery ...".

When it occurs, the MS Word freeze if the user try save as. Then the user can not recover his work.

We can not simulate the error (in our tests it does not occur (but an important costumer has lost some documents). I want ask if anyone know a precondition to MS Word change the active document to an auto saved copy (with ASD extension, and not more DOC or DOCX)?

For a better comprehension I attached an image below (see the highlighted area):

User added an image

Thank you for any help.

Sergio R. S.
Posted 26 Feb, 2015 15:08:57 Top