Change ExplorerLayout in BeforeFolderSwitch?

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Change ExplorerLayout in BeforeFolderSwitch?
Jason Coley

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Joined: 2005-05-26
I have an ADX pane that is usually located in the elRightSubpane, but I would like to move this to the elDockRight if the foldertype is olAppointmentItem.

Is this possible and should this be done in the adxComAddinModuleOLExplorerBeforeFolderSwitch event?
Posted 14 Apr, 2013 15:37:08 Top
Andrei Smolin

Add-in Express team

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Hi Jason,

I would suggest using a separate TadxOlFormsCollectionItem to show the form in a a different layout for an olAppointmentItem folder.

Regards from Belarus (GMT+3),

Andrei Smolin
Add-in Express Team Leader
Posted 15 Apr, 2013 08:12:43 Top