Office Add-in deployment for corporate environments

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Office Add-in deployment for corporate environments
Daniel Triendl

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I'm currently using InnoSetup to create the installer for my VCL Office Add-in. The Add-in is installed per machine (RegisterForAllUsers=true).

Some of my customers want to use a MSI file to automatically deploy the Add-in for all their users. What is the best practice for creating an MSI package, what changed do I need to make to my Add-in to allow automatic deployment (I guess RegisterForAllUsers doesn't work in this case)? And what can I use to create an MSI package? Visual Studio, WIX, etc?
Posted 18 Sep, 2012 03:41:36 Top
Andrei Smolin

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Hello Daniel,

You can use any installation software to create an .MSI installable via group policy. Yes, we recommend installing the add-in with RegisterForAllUsers=false in this case. Why? Because it will be quite easy for an administrator to refine the installation rule(s) e.g. "do not install the add-in for this and that user group(s)". Otherwise, with RegisterForAllUsers=true, you'll have to invent some machinery for unloading your add-in for the same user group(s).

See also HowTo: Install a COM add-in automatically using Windows Server Group Policy:

Regards from Belarus (GMT+3),

Andrei Smolin
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Posted 18 Sep, 2012 05:33:51 Top